Loyalty Program

A Customer Loyalty program can help you earn your worth in gold.

A Customer Loyalty program can help you earn your worth in gold. Customer-loyalty programs help you increase repeat customers, which, in turn boost your business’s revenue. Repeat customers spend more on purchases as compared to new customers. And rewarding them is a beneficial act as retaining customers is less costly than acquiring new ones. By providing loyalty programs for current customers, business owners are not only saying thank you but are also motivating them to continue to be their brand ambassadors. They can easily spread the word about a business to their professional, personal and social networks, helping business owners increase their customer base even more.

Rise above the competition

It can be difficult for a small business to compete with a large brand considering that most large brands have access to more locations, resources, marketing teams and the ability to offer lower prices. However, a good customer-loyalty program is an easy way for small businesses to show their personal side and remain competitive in spaces dominated by big business.

Customer loyalty doesn’t cost a fortune

Customer-loyalty programs don’t have to drain small businesses’ budget. While some corporations spend millions of dollars into loyalty programs, small businesses don’t have to follow the same tactic to achieve promising results. The WinGold Next Loyalty program is cost-effective and as fruitful as the ones put in place by bigger players.

Customer-retention programs are not just for big brand name players. They can provide many benefits for small businesses, such as increasing sales, helping them stand out and developing a stronger relationship with their customers — and technology is making it easier and cheaper than ever.

4 Simple steps to the perfect Loyalty Program:

  1. Enroll Members

Get customers to join your Loyalty Program and earn point for every amount they spent

  1. Offer Rewards Points

When a member earns enough points they will receive a reward based on point level and reward amount you set

  1. Deliver Rewards

Rewards will be automatically delivered to the member by multiple channels ensuring them to come back and spend more money.

  1. Targeted marketing

Increase traffic with Birthday, Lost Customer, Welcome points, Reward Reminders, Surveys and more.

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