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Driving your Jewellery Business towards Growth

With 30+ years as the leading jewellery software, WinGold Next provides you with end-to-end jewellery business management features. Here is a glimpse of how WinGold Next transforms your business:

WinGold Next – Industry-leading Jewellery ERP Software

Centralized Inventory Management

Say goodbye to manually creating data entries to keep track of inventory. With WinGold Next, centralize inventory management to manage data across various locations. Now with the best jewellery software in the market, record your inventory data empowered with automation to enhance real-time inventory tracking.

Custom Dashboards & Shortcuts

Get ease of working with the customized dashboards of WinGold Next. Our jewellery software aids in arranging the frequently used operations on the dashboards as shortcuts for easy operations.

Document management

Never lose any of your documents with the autosave feature of WinGold Next. Document management feature allows you to save pdfs of your documents once you start editing the same to keep record of the modifications and easily retrieve deleted documents.

POS Support

WinGold Next Jewellery Software offers inbuilt POS support where retailers can accelerate transactions, manage inventory, fix/unfix transactions for fluctuating gold prices, etc. The POS-enabled ERP also allows you to manage loyalty points, in-store promotions, etc.

Automated reporting and analytics

The data analytics and automated reporting features of WinGold Next keep you informed about the trends and fluctuations in the jewellery industry. These real-time insights will help you make knowledge-empowered decisions to boost sales.

Automated accounting

Enable your jewellery business to automate ledger entries and improvise record-keeping with the automated accounting feature of WinGold Next. Moreover, this feature also lets you add entries to simultaneous accounting books for ease of record keeping.

Order PRO

With WinGold Next jewellery ERP solutions, take orders with utmost ease from anywhere you want and anytime you want. Just create the order through the WinGold Next application linked to the Order PRO feature. Even customers/clients can log in to this application through their login credentials to place their orders easily.

Loyalty management

Deploy different customer engagement strategies like membership programs, product-based gift coupons, referral-based loyalty programs, etc. with the loyalty management features of WinGold Next.

Fix and Unfix Transactions

You can incorporate the fluctuating Gold price in your real-time transactions by automating the unfixing process. You no longer have to manually fix and unfix prices per transaction.

Additional features of WinGold Next

Barcode reader & RFID Management

Product cataloguing

Jewellery Certification

Weighing scale integration

Website and eCommerce integration

Application for mobility

Understand how Wingold next Works for Your Specific Business Requirements

Catering to Various Business Models

Jewellery Retailers

WinGold Next Jewellery Retail Software offers POS support and features to accelerate transactions, manage tax regulations, fix & unfix Gold Rate for transactions, etc.

Jewellery Wholesalers

WinGold Next Jewellery Retail Software offers POS support and features to accelerate transactions, manage tax regulations, fix & unfix Gold Rate for transactions, etc.

Jewellery Manufacturers

Manage your jewellery manufacturing & design orders with ease. Moreover, boost your production capacity and revenue with our customized Jewellery Manufacturing Software.

Bullion Traders

WinGold Next is the ideal Bullion Software that addresses the challenges of the gold trading by automating trading methods, margin monitoring, inventory management, accounting, and tracking customer interactions.

Jewellery Software

Precious Stones and Metal Segments to Serve

Gold & Silver

Gemstones & Jades

Pearl Jewlery

Raw Materials


Certified Diamonds

Gold Bar & Coins

Scrap Management

Why Choose WinGold Next?

With in-depth expertise in cloud solutions, data solutions, and applications, Web Masters LLC (our parent company) is your go-to place for any assistance related to business intelligence.


Years of Experience

Serving the jewellery industry as an ERP solution for more than 30 years, WinGold Next is a trustworthy name to entrust your jewellery business requirements.



Catering to the ERP requirements of over 2000 clients, WinGold Next has established itself as a trusted jewellery ERP solution.



Providing jewellery ERP solutions to clients across 25+ countries, we have offices in 5 locations - Singapore, Malaysia, India, Dubai, and Bahrain - to serve clients locally with utmost ease.


Jewellery ERP Experts

As a renowned jewellery software company with 120+ jewellery industry experts, we have the required domain expertise to help your businesses grow.

How We Make WinGold Next More
for You:

Holistic Business Approach

As a jewellery ERP solution, WinGold Next allows you to make decisions empowered by business insights to streamline your business components.

Dedicated Account Manager

We make your WinGold Next implementation journey smooth with a dedicated account manager who becomes your single point of contact.

Easy to Learn and Onboard

Not only do we make WinGold Next an easy to onboard ERP solution, but it is also easy to use. And of course, we provide comprehensive training for your team.

Post-deployment Support

We ensure that you draw out maximum value from your software with a prompt and dedicated WinGold Next support team.

Here is What Our Client Say

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    What does jewellery ERP implementation include?

    Jewellery ERP implementations involve installing the software, moving your financial data over to the new system, configuring your users and processes, and training your users on the software.

    How do jewellery ERP solutions impact business?

    Jewellery ERP solutions make business easy for the jewellery industry by automating the operations to make business processes smooth. Make your jewellery business easy end to end with jewellery ERP solutions.

    Is jewellery ERP a profitable prospect?

    Automation is helpful in any business line. The jewellery industry can benefit a lot from jewellery ERP solutions by reorganizing its operations and business processes. Drive-in lucrative business practices without the hassles of manual record keeping.

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