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Manage your Bullion Trading setup seamlessly with WinGold Next Bullion Software.

Embrace profitable Bullion Trading with Automated Accounting Integration,
Physical Buy & Sell Management, Hedging Management, Position Keeping, etc.

Some Evident Challenges in Jewellery Bullion Trading

The times are changing, and bullion traders are witnessing a new era of smart trading. These trades require effective trading along critical trade margins. The variable and volatile pricing, trading experience, traditional accounting, etc. make it all the more challenging. Here are some challenges that our Jewellery Software helps you solve.

Volatile pricing

The pricing of the gold commodity is variable and very volatile. This makes bullion trading challenging for the traders. Bullion traders require live rates to make effective trades along critical trade margins and manage taxes.

Integrated accounting

With the lack of proper accounting features integrated With our Bullion Software, traders often have to use accounting software like Tally. Traditional methods like maintaining Excel sheets make the process a hectic one.

Bullion portal management

With our Bullion Software, traders need to make manual entries on the bullion portals (trading platforms where customers trade with them). This leaves space for human errors and can make trades go wrong.

Incomplete information

While making trades, incomplete information can become a disaster for traders. They lack an advanced ERP system to provide them with live rates and manage the price and inventory tracking.

Bullion Software

These challenges in traditional Bullion Trading setup takes a toll on efficient trading and profits. And here is where WinGold Next Bullion Software puts up an appearance to automate Bullion Trade Management.

Key Features of WinGold Next Bullion Software

Metal Trading Management

Say goodbye to manually creating data entries to keep track of metal trading.

  • Manage metal trades on the bullion portal
  • Record all the stock transfers (both buying and selling)

Currency Trading Management

Now create automated data entries for all your currency trades for better tracking with our Bullion Software.

  • Manage currency trades on the bullion portal
  • Record all the stock transfers (both buying and selling)

Scrap refining

With WinGold Next Bullion Software, manage your scrap stocks and their refining process.

  • Manage your scrap stock before it is shipped
  • Track assay calculation of the shipped scrap stock
  • Create a record of the details of the assay

Hedging management

Provide trade evaluation reports to your customers about their trades and regarding their hedging.

  • Send the customers regular reports of trade evaluations
  • Make informed hedging decisions based on prior trades

Physical Buy & Sell

Win customers by giving them the capability to buy superior quality Good Delivery Gold as affluent traders and investors.

  • Offer physical gold and silver bullion trading experience
  • Allow customers to buy premium gold in fractions at wholesale prices

Profitable Position Keeping

Mint superior bullion trading profits for your customers with profitable positon keeping features.

  • Utilize long-term risk analysis charts to retain positions and initiate smart trading
  • Analyze trends and leverage the physical buying power to buy gold assets at very close spots

Trade Evaluations

WinGold Next Bullion Software for Trading offers a 360-degree trade evaluation setup to enhance your analytics and gains.

  • View customer-vise trade evaluation summary and charts
  • Check trades, trend reports, profits, etc.

Automated Accounting

Skip the traditionally-used excel sheets for price tracking; Experience improved record-keeping with the integrated accounting feature of WinGold Next Bullion Software.

  • Add automated entries to accounting books
  • Manage daily trading profit
  • Manage and track trade records for future requirements

Manage Daily Trading Profits

Allow day traders to enjoy a better trading experience with daily trading profit reports.

  • Help them define their daily trade profit margins
  • Keep day traders informed about daily trading profits with automated emails

Email Marketing Support

Use WinGold Next ERP to sync the customer data and roll out automated emails about the ongoing trades statements and reports.

  • Plan email notifications around price fluctuations
  • Inform customers about daily trading profit

Learn the Key Features of WinGold Next ERP for Bullion Traders.

Additional features of Bullion Software for Traders

Comprehensive Stock Reports

Customer Portfolio Reports

Seamless Customer Management

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    Is WinGold safe and secure to use for jewellery traders?

    Absolutely yes. WinGold lets you have total control and security. Your account information is encrypted. Additionally, customer portfolios can only be accessed by the designated account owners and the customers themselves through a 2-step verification process.

    What does WinGold have to offer in long-term partnerships with jewellery traders?

    We consistently listen to our clients, which allows us to stay current on bullion market developments and enhance our technology. So, you stay ahead of the competition and profit more in the long run.

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