How to grow jewellery business in this era of fierce competition?

The fundamental reason why customers continue to choose you over competitors in this constantly shifting marketplace is…

A feeling of (personal) connection between your brand and them.

But how do you go about doing that?

We have your back.

Today, the Jewellery ERP experts at WinGold Next are going to share tried-and-tested (also unique) strategies for connecting with your target market and expanding your jewellery business.

The sky is the limit if you abide by our professional advice.

Expert Strategies on “How to Grow Jewellery Business”

1) Win Customers Through Sales Promotion:

This method will help your jewellery business grow the fastest. There are many other kinds of sales promotions you may use for your jewellery business using jewellery billing software; here, the jewellery experts talk about the most efficient and distinctive ones.

a) Offer Postings from Google My Business

You can conduct promotions on your Google business listing itself, did you know that?

You can create four distinct sorts of social postings using your Google My Business account dashboard: offers, updates, events, and products.

How to Grow Jewellery Business

You can publish an offer or deal like “Flat 20% Discount on Making Charges”, or “This Valentine Get 10% off on Our Special Love Collection” straight on your business profile by using the “Add Offer” post type.

Customers who locate your company on Google Maps and Search—often when they have the highest intent—can now see your advertisement.

A Google My Business campaign and Jewellery Shop Management Software, may improve traffic to your jewellery website while also improving conversions and footfall in your physical jewellery showrooms.

b) Free Returns and Delivery

What is the remedy for abandoned shopping carts?

Free shipping and No-fee returns.

Customers who buy jewellery online from your website might not like something about the intricate design, shine, etc. since they are fussy buyers.

Customers are more likely to finalize a deal if you provide free returns or exchanges.

Given that they will already pay a substantial sum for the valuable jewellery they are purchasing, this incentive will only serve to drive them ahead.

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Even if you have a physical jewellery shop, it’s time to modernize your operation.

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c) Cashback Incentives

Consumers generally agree that when they receive something in return, spending money doesn’t feel as unpleasant.

It’s similar to spending less upfront and then having more cash to buy additional desirable jewellery items.

Additionally, rewarding consumers in this way typically leads to increased loyalty and sales from them.

You and your clients will benefit from this sort of deal.

Pro Tip💡: Use ERP for Jewellery Industry that makes the implementation of these strategies easy. WinGold Next ERP has POS integration that can create reward points or gift cards for cashback incentives.

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2) Leverage Digital Marketing to Attract, Retain & Delight Customers:

Nothing can replace a customer-centric approach in your jewellery business for long-term growth.

Digital Marketing can help you hit growth targets and work toward sustainability with the utmost customer-centricity.

Customers are more likely to be interested in your jewellery items and driven to visit your jewellery showroom or website…

If they have greater confidence in your brand, right?

With Digital Marketing, you may plan a flow to attract fresh eyes to your jewellery collections, convert existing consumers into ardent fans, and create incentive schemes to please buyers.

Basically, you can satisfy your jewellery customer’s entire buying journey with control and confidence.

Digital Marketing is the most effective answer to “How to grow a jewellery business” in this new-age of the internet.

Quick Checklist for Getting Started with Digital Marketing for Jewellers:

  • Create a fantastic website (Keep layout simple, let the jewellery displayed steal all the attention)
  • Don’t forget about SEO (Search Engine Optimization is a must)
  • Make an impact through social media( Intertwine your offerings with latest trends)
  • Create engaging content (Content is King)
  • Use influencer marketing (Be choosy and calculative)
  • Showcase positive comments and reviews
  • Use PPC advertisements (Pay Per Click to Maximize ROI)
  • Engage using Email & SMS marketing
  • Maintain your GMB listing (keep it updated)

3) Invest in Building a Community Around Your Jewellery Brand:

Isn’t it nice to buy from people or brands you trust, like, and know?

Absolutely yes.

Now, pay attention.

To begin, you must be clear about your jewellery business’s goals, societal impact, USPs (Unique Selling Propositions), and other factors that are fundamental pillars of your brand identity.

Now, tell the narrative of your jewellery brand using selected marketing channels and software for jewelers.

When you have a cohesive brand story and empathy for your jewellery customer’s pain points, needs, and desires…

You will be able to develop a community via developing brand perception.

For Example, Maviada is an international luxury Fine & Contemporary jewellery company that communicates their brand story as follows…

The Turkish name Maviada, which translates to “blue island”, perfectly captures the creative effect we strive for in each of our pieces. Jewellery that gives you positive vibes, the kind of positive vibes you get on vacation: positive, carefree, relaxed, and of course, high glamour and sophistication with a dash of playfulness.

People put a lot of thought into who they buy from, and you can do a lot to engage with them.

In contrast to all of the other approaches you take to solve “How to grow a jewellery business”, this will take longer to see results, however, it will be the most rewarding one.

Getting Started with Community Building:

  • Allow some time ( have patience. It’s a long-term marathon).
  • Begin with your team (internally).
  • Take up a cause that benefits society and your customers.
  • Engage your audience with video (User-Generated Content).
  • Create a social media presence that is value-driven.
  • Do regular live streams for better engagement.
  • Publish informational blogs and emails.

Take this as inspiration:

Maviada integrates email marketing with sales promotion (refer to below). By doing this, they improve their chances of generating leads and growing their community.

How to Grow Jewellery Business

Pro Tip💡 Dedicate a portion of your annual marketing budget to long-term brand-building activities (hiring dedicated designers, copywriters, SEO experts).

If you have your day-to-day business issues under control, you can focus on growing your jewellery brand and community far more effectively.

In order to manage your jewellery inventory, fix and unfix transactions, produce end-to-end reports, automate accounting, track VAT and GST, handle wholesale orders and manufacturing, etc., you need to use Jewellery Inventory Management Software like WinGold Next.

Final Thoughts on How to Grow Jewellery Business:

We suggested the top 3 proven and unique strategies for your “How to grow a Jewellery Business” concern.

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