As in any business, Customer data is always an asset to the jewellery industry. An identity card provided by the government of the residing country has their information registered and stored on a chip. An ID card reader can be a useful tool in the jewellery industry to access information that helps them in different ways:

1) Customer Identification:

Jewellery businesses can use ID card readers to verify the identity of customers. This can be particularly useful for high-value purchases or when conducting transactions with new customers. The first step in AML practices is verifying customer identity.

2) Age Verification:

Certain forms of jewellery, such as those containing age-restricted gemstones or materials, may be subject to age restrictions in some countries. Before completing a deal, an ID card reader can assist in verifying the age of the consumer.

3) Security Measures:

ID card readers can enhance security measures within the jewellery industry. By requiring customers to swipe their ID cards, businesses can better track and monitor access to sensitive areas, reducing the risk of theft or unauthorized access.

Overall, an ID card reader can provide added security, convenience, and efficiency in the jewellery industry by verifying customer identities.

WinGoldNext ERP has developed a utility to read customer ID cards and save the details in the client database. This is a time saver for the salespeople, as with one click, they get accurate details. Manual entry effort is not needed, and businesses get correct information too. This add-on is provided as a package with the Smart ID Card Reader and integration with WinGoldNext.

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ID Card reader integration

Card Reading:

ID Card reader integration