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Some Evident Challenges in the Jewellery Retail Business

The times are changing, and jewellery retailers are witnessing a new era of smart consumers. These consumers are highly particular about their choice of jewellery designs, the variable pricing, the regulatory compliance, and in-store shopping experience.

Moreover, some other limitations that might be challenging your growth as a jewellery store owner are:

Increasing Omnichannel Access

Today, consumers are more likely to check-out jewellery online before they visit a store to give it a try and actually purchase it. Let’s not forget online sales is also eating into store sales.

Inventory visibility

Some retailers use different systems to monitor the inventory in their stores, the inventory reserved for online orders, and the inventory procured from manufacturers or wholesalers. This can result in inconsistency, inventory shortage, and even inventory loss.

Incomplete customer information

Some stores lack an advanced POS or ERP system to capture consumer data and their buying behaviour. This makes it hard to plan personalized promotions and demand forecasting.

Predictive analysis

With the lack of proper sales & retail reports, jewellery businesses are unable to predict shopping trends and consumers’ demands.

jewellery retail software

These challenges puts a pressure on jewellery retailers to re-optimize their retail management game. And here is where WinGold Next Jewellery Retail Software comes to your service.

Key Features of WinGold Next Jewellery Retail Software

Centralized Inventory Management

Say goodbye to manually creating data entries to keep track of inventory.

  • Manage jewelry inventory across multiple stores
  • Record all the stock transfers (both in and out)
  • Categorize inventory and use serialized management

Supply Chain Monitoring

Our Jewellery Retail Software helps you track your inventory while it is in transit.

  • Employ automated inventory tracking
  • Monitor the supply chain easily
  • Avoid inventory shortage and loss of inventory

Customer Relationship Management

Keep track of your customers’ celebratory occasions (like anniversaries, birthdays, etc.) with WinGold Next Jewellery Retail Software.

  • Wish customers through automated emails & win loyalty
  • Plan & promote personalized offers for these occasions

Automated Reporting and Analytics

The jewellery retail software brings you analytics and automated reporting features for better decision-making.

  • Check stocks and inventory movement reports
  • Scrutinize sales & revenue reports
  • Use finance and tax analysis reports
  • Check promotions and loyalty ledger reports

Automated Accounting

Enable your jewelry business to automate ledger entries and improvise record-keeping with the WinGold Next’s automated accounting feature.

  • Add entries to accounting books of different stores simultaneously
  • Manage Account Receivable and Account Payable
  • Manage Cash Flow and Trial balance, etc.

POS Support

With WinGold Next Jewellery ERP solutions, take orders with utmost ease with an easy-to-use Point of Sale interface.

  • Accelerate transactions and process offline/digital payments
  • Showcase jewellery designs through POS connected displays
  • POS-enabled cash register control and user access, and much more

Loyalty Management

Our POS-enabled retail jewellery software is packed with loyalty management features.

  • Deploy membership programs and loyalty points
  • Offer product-based gift coupons and personalized offers
  • Plan referral-based loyalty programs, etc.

Email Marketing Support

Use WinGold Next to sync the customer data amd roll out automated emails about the ongoing offers at your store.

  • Plan email notifications around price-drops (for Gold, Silver, etc.)
  • Boost purchase through email deals
  • Share new design catalogues, store launch news, etc.

Fix and Unfix Transactions

Automate the unfixed transactions with WinGold Next ERP and keep the fluctuating prices factored in at the time of actual transaction.

  • Say ‘No’ to manually fixing or unfixing pricing
  • Accurate price calculation within seconds

Manage Tax Compliances

Get rid of the hassles of managing tax compliances manually with our jewellery retail software.

  • Take care of your VAT, GST and other tax compliances
  • Support for regional compliance like Hallmark, AML, BIS, etc.

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    What does jewellery ERP implementation include?

    Jewellery ERP implementations involve installing the software, moving your financial data over to the new system, configuring your users and processes, and training your users on the software.

    How do Jewellery Retail Software impact business?

    Jewellery Retail Software make business easy for the jewellery industry by automating the operations to make business processes smooth. Make your jewellery business easy end to end with jewellery ERP solutions.

    Is jewellery ERP a profitable prospect?

    Automation is helpful in any business line. The jewellery industry can benefit a lot from jewellery ERP solutions by reorganizing its operations and business processes. Drive-in lucrative business practices without the hassles of manual record keeping.