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Boost Jewelry Distribution
Revenue with WinGold Next
Jewelry Wholesale Software

Manage bulk buying & selling of Gold & Diamond jewellery,
and Certified Diamonds with WinGold Next ERP for Wholesalers.
Ensure tracked consignment transactions, stock & profit analysis,
automated position fixing, etc.

Some Evident Challenges in the Jewelry Wholesale Distribution Sector

Jewellery wholesale industry has been evolving faster than ever. Today, retailers & manufacturers require efficient bulk ordering solutions, and the wholesalers must manage the transactions, customer relations, and fix & unfix decisions with great care. Competitive markets and tight profit margins have been challenging for wholesalers who are still following traditional wholesale management practices.

Challenges that have been sabotaging the growth of several jewellery wholesalers:

Lower Profit Margins

Typically, the profit margin for a wholesale jewellery business is approximately 25% to 40%. And practices like inefficient consignment management and expensive client retention can significantly reduce the profit margins.

Jewellery Tax Compliance

Bulk jewellery transactions without a proper software to track tax and compliance deductions is just another evil for traditional wholesalers. You need to embrace an automated tax calculation, profit management, and integrated accounting system.

Overhead Expenses

Apart from the initial investment in setting up a wholesale jewellery business, overhead expenses can eat up a sizable chunk of your revenue. A wholesale jewellery business must have an efficient system to curtail overhead expenses and streamline operations with our Jewelry Wholesale Software.

Customer Trust and Satisfaction

Building customer/client trust is an uphill task in the wholesale jewellery business because there is minimal in-person interaction. Better bulk ordering experience, customer relationship management, and personalized services are the need of the hour.

Jewelry Wholesale Software

The above challenges certainly hint at adapting & providing a better jewellery purchase experience to retailers. And here is why we recommend you trying WinGold Next Jewelry Wholesale Software.

Key Features of WinGold Next Jewelry Wholesale Software

Bulk Inventory Management

Jewellery wholesalers can now easily switch from the tedious manual inventory tracking to automated tracking with our Jewellery Software.

  • Appoint serialized control of jewellery stocks 
  • Prepare consignment data and record stock transfers (both in and out)
  • Leverage bulk inventory categorization with accuracy

Managed Consignment Transactions

Track consignment transactions while in transit with WinGold Next Jewelry Wholesale Software.

  • Monitor the consignment inventory to avoid inventory loss
  • Grow supply chain efficiency  
  • Record the bulk transaction details with high accuracy.

Enhance Customer Relationships

WinGold Next wholesale & jewellery retail software allows you to capture customer data and transaction records. Use this data to foster healthy business relations.

  • Use data to define your premium jewellery retail clients and plan personalized offers 
  • Track ordering patterns to prepare well before high-demand transactions.
  • Leverage WinGold Add-ons like WinApp and Billing Pro+ to allow online bulk ordering and automated invoicing.

Size, Piece, and Purity-wise Management

Use WinGold Jewelry Wholesale Software to manage jewellery inventory based on size, indiviual units, customer-wise purity, etc.

  • Employ customer-wise Gold purity management with auto purity difference calculation
  • Manage Loose Diamonds based on sieve size and cut patterns
  • Use finance and tax analysis reports
  • Sell Certified Diamonds with individual piece control feature

4C’s Management and Cost Break-up

Wholesale jewllery traders who sell Loose & Certified Diamonds can employ 4C’s management with respective cost break-ups.

  • Manage the Quality of Loose & Certified Diamonds with 4C’s management
  • Leverage lot-wise 4C’s management (Cut, Color, Clarity, Carat) 
  • Add Diamond Cost Break-up (DCB) Information for Diamond Jewellery

Manage Tax Compliances

Manual tax management and regulatory compliance is nothing less than an uphill battle for wholesalers. Fret not – WinGold Next ERP helps you keep these compliance and taxes tapped in for you.

  • Take care of your VAT, GST and other tax compliances  
  • Support for regional compliance like Hallmark, AML, BIS, etc.

Integrated Accounting

Record-keeping can be a humongous task for Jewellery Wholesalers. You can simplify it with the integrated accounting feature in WinGold Next Jewelry Wholesale Software.

  • Manage entries to accounting books of different clients  
  • Manage Account Receivable and Account Payable 
  • Manage Cash Flow and Tax Deductions

Email Marketing Support

Use WinGold Next to record retailers data and send them product & pricing catalogues and personalized offers through emails.

  • Plan email notifications around price-drops (for Gold, Silver, etc.)
  • Share new design catalogues, pricing catalogues, etc. 
  • Enhance client relationships and stay aligned with upcoming demands 

Fix and Unfix Transactions

Automate the unfixed transactions with WinGold Next ERP and keep the fluctuating prices factored in at the time of actual transaction.

  • Say ‘No’ to manually fixing or unfixing pricing
  • Accurate price calculation within seconds
  • Leverage position fixing feature for Gold Jewellery similar to Bullion Software.

Automated Wholesale Transaction Reporting

The jewelry wholesale software helps you analyse profits, stock movement, client data, etc.

  • Check stocks and inventory movement reports 
  • Scrutinize sales & revenue reports 
  • Use finance and tax analysis reports 

Learn more about the features of WinGold Next for your Jewellery Wholesale Business?

Additional features of Jewelry Wholesale Software

Barcode reader & RFID Management

Product cataloguing

Jewellery Certification

Weighing scale integration

Website and eCommerce integration

Applications for mobility (WinApp & Billing Pro+)

Jewellery Software

Precious Stones and Metal Segments to Serve

Gold & Silver

Gemstones & Jades

Pearl Jewlery

Raw Materials


Certified Diamonds

Gold Bar & Coins

Scrap Management

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    How will WinGold manage the volume of my jewellery wholesale business?

    No matter what the volume of your business is, the software automates the complex and tedious tasks of bulk inventory classification, record-keeping, consignment tracking, and more to keep you relaxed.

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