The Jewellery inventory management software is a critical part of the company’s operations since it allows it to monitor every product movement. A cyclical order begins when a product enters the store and continues until it is sold and restocked.

WinGold Next is a complete jewellery ERP system. Across numerous jewellery and precious stone industries, the POS-integrated ERP offers excellent and profitable business management for you.

Let us quickly review the main factors that make WinGold Next the best jewellery inventory management software for you:

  • WInGold Next allows inventory management for all jewellery categories (Gold & Silver, Diamond, Gemstones & Jades, Certified Diamonds, Pearl Jewellery, Gold Bar & Coins, Raw Material)
  • WinGold offers in-built POS support that expedites business operations and increases profits.
  • You can utilize WinGold Next to safely control and monitor the supply chain of high-value items and materials based on product categories.
  • WinGold Next allows you to forecast demand and make wise decisions, by using analytics and reports related to inventory.
  • You can track your inventory centrally with our Jewellery software that offers you customizable screens and dashboards.
  • WinGold Next offers dedicated Account Managers and 24-hour support to serve as your single point of contact for any problems you might be having.
  • Founded over thirty years ago, WinGold Next serves a wide range of clients, including jewelers, wholesalers, manufacturers, and bullion traders.

Taking a closer look at how WinGold Next can help retailers, wholesalers, and manufacturers manage jewellery inventory, let us examine its robust features in more detail.

Jewellery Retailers

1) Centralized Inventory Management:

jewellery inventory management software

There is no room for compromise when it comes to the way jewellery companies operate to manage their extensive and varied inventories. Using reliable jewellery inventory management software makes managing stock counts much simpler.

A task that used to take a long time can now be completed quickly. WinGold Next automates the process so you can stop manually entering data to maintain track of inventories.

Key Capabilities:

  • Controlling the jewellery supply among many stores
  • Keep track of all stock transfers (both in and out)
  • Sort inventories into categories and apply serialized management

2) Supply Chain Monitoring:

The inventory management software for jewellery can be used effectively by retailers who use a warehouse or hub for distribution to make purchases for all their locations at once.

Our jewellery retail software speeds up operations in-store, reduces the likelihood of errors, and ensures that inventory is where it needs to be at the right time.

With WinGold Next Jewellery retailers can always keep track of when orders and transfers are sent, as well as their progress to other stores. Additionally, keep track of your inventory while it is traveling with the aid of this feature.

 Key Capabilities:

  • Utilize computerized inventory tracking.
  • Easily keep track of the supply chain.
  • Prevent inventory shortages and losses.

3) Automated Reporting and Analytics:

Whether you are a data-savvy retailer, or the idea of spreadsheets gives you goosebumps, WinGold Next will provide you with simple reporting that will help you grasp what your numbers mean.

WinGold Next makes jewellery inventory management software a piece of cake in all the ways you can imagine. You can use the analytics and automatic reporting features in the software to make better decisions.

 Key Capabilities:

  • Verify inventory and stock movement reports.
  • Examine sales and revenue reports closely.
  • Utilize tax and financial analysis reports.
  • Check the ledger reports for promotions and loyalty.

Thousands of jewellery retailers trust WinGold Next for inventory management.

Jewellery Wholesalers

1) Bulk Inventory Management:

Varied sizes and colors are available in jewellery. It costs money to have several sizes and colors for a particular style code. The cost of maintaining inventory multiplies when there is a need for bulk inventory management.

Having cloud-based centralized inventory management software is highly beneficial for jewellery wholesalers. The software enables you to have a central panel with a complete list of your inventory. It is controlled through a centralized dashboard.

WinGold Next is the leading jewelry wholesale software that efficiently automates jewellery inventory management.

Key Capabilities:

  • Establish serialized stock control for jewellery.
  • Consignment data preparation and stock transfer recording.
  • Utilize precise bulk inventory classification.

2) Managed Consignment Transactions:

Jewelry is a high-end, delicate merchandise category. Fraud is more likely to occur when the goods are being delivered or while they are in transit.

A single lost shipment or instance of fraud can significantly reduce your margin. WinGold Next ERP for wholesalers allows you to monitor consignment transactions as they are in motion.

Key capabilities:

  • To prevent inventory loss, keep an eye on the consignment inventory.
  • Boost supply chain performance.
  • Keep accurate records of the details of the bulk transactions.

3) Size, Piece, and Purity-wise Management:

Everything must be precisely labeled when dealing with jewellery, including weight, design, and style. This aids in figuring out how much precious metals are worth.

 A simple labeling error could cost the company a lot of money. Customers are meticulous when it comes to the jewellery they buy. Therefore, jewellery has an extremely low margin of error.

WinGold Next, the leading jewellery inventory management software, establishes auto setups and manages jewellery inventory depending on size, individual units, and purity.

Key Capabilities:

  • Utilize customer-savvy management of gold purity with automatic purity difference calculation.
  • Based on sieve size and cut patterns, manage loose diamonds.
  • Utilize tax and financial analysis reports.
  • Sell certified diamonds with a control feature for each piece.

4) Automated Wholesale Transaction Reporting:

WinGold Next’s advanced reporting will assist wholesalers who want to tailor the depth of their reports. It can help you locate and move out-of-date inventory, make logical buying recommendations based on your sell-through history, and even spot opportunities for better categorization.

Key Capabilities:

  • Verify inventory and stock movement reports.
  • Examine sales and revenue reports closely.
  • Utilize tax and financial analysis reports.

With WinGold Next, you can efficiently monitor revenue, stock movements, and client information to optimize jewellery inventory management.

Jewellery Manufacturers

1) Managing Inventory Consumption:

By securing access to data, you can prevent monetary loss, reputational harm, a reduction in client confidence, and brand erosion.

It is vital to create user hierarchies, role-based security, and view-only and on-demand access to the data. This is precisely what WinGold Next, the cutting-edge jewellery manufacturing software,helps you with its innovative inventory management features for jewellery.

 Key Capabilities:

  • Utilize Department/Job/Worker/Process wise Inventory Control to track inventory with authority.
  • View consumption statistics for stones and metals.
  • Control of the plan Gold and Broken Stone inventory.
  • Manage difficulties and refunds for stone, zirconium, and metal precisely.

2) Automated Reporting and Analytics:

jewellery inventory management software

Reports provide essential data for creating future projections, marketing plans, budgeting, and better decision-making. You may make the process of tracking analytics and generating reports simpler by using jewellery inventory management software that prioritizes data in decision-making.

You may track inventory consumption, employee productivity, and other metrics with the automatic reports provided by the WinGold jewellery manufacturing software.

Key Capabilities:

  • Review the reports on stocks and inventory consumption.
  • Examine statistics on workforce productivity.
  • Examine revenue and total jobs delivered reports.
  • See tax and financial analysis reports.

3) Supply Chain Monitoring:

Jewellery industry supply chain transparency is essential for responsible business conduct. If your supply chain is not being watched, you will not be prepared to tackle threats or disruptions when they appear. You can gauge the effectiveness of your quality control procedures by tracking products throughout the logistics chain.

Companies may improve operations and reliably fulfil consumer expectations by monitoring supply chain performance. It is incredibly beneficial to be able to track your inventory during transit using WinGold Next.

Key Capabilities:

  • Employ automated inventory tracking.
  • Monitor the supply chain easily.
  • Avoid inventory shortage and loss of inventory.

Moreover, WinGold Next ERP is also a well-known comprehensive bullion software that empowers Bullion Traders. Bullion Traders can manage their Bullion Trading setup seamlessly with WinGold Next ERP.


An effective jewellery inventory management software aids business organization so that you can concentrate on other important tasks. You will always be able to monitor the ideal stock level so that you never have an overstock or understock situation.

Additionally, it facilitates number play. You can regulate the amount of goods you have in various categories with effective inventory management, and it will also reveal market trends to you.

Inventory control helps you stay one step ahead of the competition and gives you the power to maintain a firm grip on market share. As a complete solution, we advise you to use WinGold Next.

Since WinGold Next has been providing services to the jewellery sector for more than 30 years, whether you are a manufacturer, wholesaler, or retailer of jewellery, you can entirely depend on us for complete business management in addition to jewellery inventory management software.

With 30+ years as the leading jewellery software, WinGold Next provides you with end-to-end jewellery business management features.