You certainly cannot please everyone. But the right software for manufacturing of Gold Jewellery can please you and your customers well!


As a gold manufacturer, you’re no stranger to the ups and downs of the industry.

Fluctuating prices, demanding customers, and the constant juggling act of inventory management can leave you feeling like you’re walking a tightrope.

But fear not, because WinGold ERP Jewellery software is here to be your safety net!

Key Features of WinGold ERPHow It Benefits Gold Manufacturers
Inventory ManagementSerialized jewellery control system for accurate tracking and seamless operations.
Gold Price FluctuationsAutomatic fixing and unfixing of transactions based on fluctuating gold rates.
Manufacturing EfficiencyCustomizable processes, reduced wastage, and automated purity difference calculation.
Accurate AccountingStreamlined stock and item-wise ledger entries, cash flow management, and multi-currency support.
Job Cards and OrdersDirect linking of manufacturing processes with sales orders, customized job cards, and improved productivity.
Streamline Manufacturing OperationsCustomizable manufacturing processes based on sales orders, improved efficiency, and workflow control.
Production ManagementProduction planning, detailed master designs, and analysis of production time.
Supply Chain MonitoringAutomated inventory tracking and seamless supply chain monitoring.
Automated Reporting and AnalyticsComprehensive reports for stock, workforce productivity, job deliveries, finance, and tax analysis.
Automated AccountingSimultaneous entries for different job cards, accounts receivable and payable management.
Email Marketing SupportIntegrated email marketing for price notifications, purchase boosts, and design catalog sharing.
Manage Tax CompliancesSimultaneous entries for different job cards accounts receivable and payable management.

Your All-in-One Solution for Manufacturing of Gold Jewellery – Unlock the Golden Secret with WinGold Next ERP!

1) We’ve cracked the code to hassle-free inventory control:

  • With WinGold jewellery manufacturing software’s serialized jewellery control system, you’ll effortlessly manage your gold stock across multiple branches.
  • Categorize, describe, and track your inventory with precision, whether it’s dazzling finished ornaments, sparkling raw materials, or fabulous accessories.
  • Say goodbye to spreadsheets and hello to seamless operations and billing.

2) Ride the waves of gold prices with confidence:

  • WinGold ERP automates the fixing and unfixing of transactions, keeping you in sync with the ever-changing gold rates.
  • Whether it’s multi-currency metal rate fixing or foreign exchange rate fixing, our software ensures your billing remains as precious as the gold itself.
  • Your customers will love the accuracy, and your profit margins will shine brighter than ever.

3) Transform your manufacturing process into a finely-tuned masterpiece:

  • WinGold Jewellery Inventory Management Software empowers you to track gold manufacturing costs, analyze making charges, and monitor consumption like a seasoned maestro.
  • No more wasted materials or unexpected surprises – our software calculates the purity difference automatically, guaranteeing your customers receive the exact product they ordered.
  • It’s manufacturing of gold jewellery precision at its finest.

4) Bid farewell to tedious bookkeeping blues:

  • WinGold ERP simplifies your accounting tasks with streamlined stock ledger and item-wise ledger entries.
  • Keep your cash flow in check, track your trial balance effortlessly, and revel in the financial harmony our software brings.
  • Plus, with multi-currency rate fixing support, managing transactions in different currencies is as easy as pie.

With WinGold ERP, you’ll be waving goodbye to the chaos of spreadsheets and hello to streamlined operations.

It’s like having a personal assistant who knows the gold industry inside out and can flawlessly manage your inventory, track stocks, and handle those tricky making charges.

It’s a match made in gold heaven!

But wait, there’s more to Know about WinGold!

WinGold – Your Ticket to Manufacturing of Gold Jewellery Excellence!

1) Job Cards and Orders- Managed like Magic:

  • No more manual entries – WinGold Gold Jewellery Billing Software directly links your manufacturing processes with sales orders, allowing you to create customized job cards and sub job cards for your stellar staff.
  • Add multiple jobs in a single job card based on the sales order, and watch your productivity soar.

2) Enjoy A-Z Streamlined Manufacturing Operations:

  • WinGold ERP lets you customize your manufacturing processes based on sales orders.
  • From casting to filling, pre-polish to assembly, you’re in control of every step.
  • Define custom processes and workflows and see efficiency skyrocket.

3) Production Management Made Smooth as Butter:

  • WinGold ERP helps you plan your gold jewellery manufacturing process like a seasoned conductor.
  • Dive into production planning, master designs with component details and images.
  • Analyze production time per worker per job or process-wise. It’s the secret to orchestrating success.

4) Never Miss a Beat with Real-time Supply Chain Monitoring:

  • Our Jewellery Manufacturing Software keeps a watchful eye on inventory movement, so you never miss a beat.
  • With automated inventory tracking and seamless supply chain monitoring, you’ll wave goodbye to inventory shortages and hello to smooth operations.

5) Automated Reporting and Analytics. Data Has got your back:

  • We’ve got your back! WinGold jewellery retail software delivers automated reports that unveil the hidden gems in your business.
  • Check stocks and inventory consumption reports, analyze workforce productivity, scrutinize job deliveries and revenue reports, and dive into finance and tax analysis.
  • Its data-driven decision-making made it delightful.

6) Automated Accounting- Say hello to efficiency:

  • WinGold ERP’s automated accounting feature ensures efficient record-keeping and ledger entries for your manufacturing gold jewellery business.
  • Simultaneously add entries to accounting books of different job cards, manage accounts receivable and payable like a pro, and master your cash flow and client accounts effortlessly.

7) Email Marketing Support to Add That Extra Sparkle:

  • WinGold jewelry wholesale software comes integrated with email marketing support, allowing you to sync client data and strike partnership gold.
  • Plan email notifications for price drops, boost purchases through irresistible deals, and showcase your latest design catalogues with just a click.

8) Worried About Managing Tax Compliances? Consider it done:

  • WinGold ERP takes care of regional compliances and jewellery tax standards effortlessly.
  • Keep VAT, GST, and other tax compliances factored in your transactions, and breeze through regional requirements like Hallmark, AML, BIS, and more.

Still Confused?

Consider These for the Ultimate Software for Manufacturing of Gold Jewellery

What Sets Wingold Apart?How?
Customized DashboardCustomize your dashboard, add shortcuts according to your requirements, and easily search for features with a single click.
Document ManagementRetrieve deleted documents and access previous versions (changed or altered) with the document management feature.
Auto-Synchronized EntriesEasily record data and update it in multiple books of accounts with the auto-synchronize feature, particularly useful for running multiple businesses or sister companies.
Internal Inventory TransferTransfer inventory from your company HQ to multiple branches and track its movement with the internal inventory transfer feature.
Non-Inventory ModuleSell jewelry before its information is entered into the system and reconcile the books of accounts later, providing total clarity without disappointing customers.

Add-Ons To Enrich Your Operations!

1) WinGold Next AML+ Add-On:

AML+ add-on assists you to comply with the anti-money laundering law. This add-on offers real-time KYC, Risk Profiling, Customer Due Diligence, etc.

2) WinGold Next WinApp Add-On:

WinApp or Order Pro is WinGold’s B2B ordering app for gold manufacturers like you to collect gold jewellery orders directly from retailers and other vendors.

The app simplifies invoicing, order tracking for manufacturing gold jewellery, and product cataloguing.

Industry Leading Expertise Provider!

Exceptional 24*7 Support and Dedicated Account Manager

WinGold Next ERP is known for its exceptional customer support and service. You get a dedicated account manager 24*7.

The software provider offers prompt assistance, training, and ongoing support to ensure that you maximize the value of the software and overcome any challenges you face.

We Boast 30+ Years of Experience

WinGold Next Bullion Software brings with it a wealth of experience, having served the jewellery manufacturing industry for over 30 years.

This extensive experience enables the software to address the specific needs and challenges of the industry effectively.

2000+ Clients Trust Us

With a large and satisfied client base of over 2000 customers, WinGold Next ERP has established itself as a trusted and reliable solution provider in the gold jewellery manufacturing sector.

The significant number of clients reflects the software’s proven track record and the trust it has earned in the industry.

Manufacturing of Gold Jewellery

We Have an Army of 120+ Jewellery ERP Experts

WinGold Next ERP boasts a dedicated team of over 120 experts who specialize in jewellery ERP systems.

These knowledgeable professionals possess in-depth understanding and expertise in the intricacies of the jewellery manufacturing business, ensuring that the software is tailored to meet the specific requirements of the industry.

We Strive for Continuous Innovation

As an industry leader, WinGold Next ERP is committed to continuous innovation and staying ahead of market trends.

The software undergoes regular updates and enhancements to incorporate the latest features and functionalities, ensuring that jewellery manufacturers benefit from cutting-edge technology.

You Get Comprehensive Solution

WinGold Next ERP provides a comprehensive solution that covers all aspects of the gold jewellery manufacturing business, including inventory management, manufacturing operations, supply chain monitoring, reporting and analytics, accounting, and compliance management.

This all-in-one solution streamlines processes reduces manual work and improves overall operational efficiency.

Embrace the power of automation, streamline your operations, and turn your business into a shining success story. It’s time to make your mark in the gold industry with WinGold, manufacturing of gold jewellery ERP!

Embrace the power of automation, streamline your operations, and turn your business into a shining success story. It’s time to make your mark in the gold industry with WinGold, manufacturing of gold jewellery ERP!